Valorant VPN – Play ANYWHERE (2021)

‘We rigorously test VPNs on a weekly basis to ensure they work for Valorant and match our strict gaming criteria of speed, stability, performance, and security so you don’t have to.’

Valorant, one of the latest installments from Riot Games, has been met with both critical and public approval.  With over 14 million players registered players it should be the next generation of truly global games but it falls down exactly where others such as Fortnite and PUBG have as well; the ability to change regional servers.  

As we see from a host of other ‘global’ games, the ability to change your regional server is non-existent which means it’s almost impossible to change the region from the IP address associated with your registered Riot account.  

We say almost impossible.  

With the correct VPN, you can circumnavigate any blocks made by Valorant to keep you within your regional location and access the riches of global servers, rewards, the ability to play with friends and so much more.  

We’ve covered the full extent of how a VPN can help in our Gaming VPN post but we’ll dive into them further below.  

Let’s take a look.  

In order to truly access the worldwide servers of Valorant, you need a VPN or Virtual Private Network. 

This changes your IP address and makes it appear to Riot Games that you’re in whichever server you choose to play giving your free reign to play wherever you want.  

Now, free versions are available that can work, ProtonVPN as an example, the only really ‘free’ VPN, offers unlimited data and has servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands, which allows you to access different Valorant regions. 

But with ProtonVPN, you’re limited to only a handful of servers which drastically reduces your chances of getting decent speeds and a good connection because every other free user is also using these servers.  

Trust us, we’ve tried these servers to make sure they can’t be used and the speeds and lag simply aren’t built for gaming.  

For an immersive and lag-free experience, you need a paid VPN.  

But, each of the options below, all come with at least a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you aren’t experiencing the speeds or service you were expecting, you have the option to get your money back, no questions asked.  

How to set up your VPN for Valorant

First, sign up for one of the VPNs listed below. We recommend NordVPN and for good reason but we’ll come to that shortly. 

Download and install your chosen VPN on your device. 

This works with iPhones and Android devices as well and with the latest news that Valorant will now be following in the footsteps of PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends with a mobile version soon to be expected, all of our VPN recommendations have fantastic apps across all platforms.  

Run the VPN, choose a server in a location you want to access.   

Once you’re connected to your chosen server, head to the Riot signup page and create a new Riot account. Don’t worry, any new accounts are free to create.  

Since Riot locks your region is based on your IP address, your new account will register your region based on the location of the VPN server you have chosen.  

And that’s it! You’re now free to play as you so please from wherever in the world you wish! 

Which is the best VPN for Valorant?

We’ve included a number of VPNs ranging from fantastic budget options to premium behemoths. Each of the options below will be suitable for any household so whatever your situation, you’ll have an option to go with. 

As we mentioned earlier, all of the providers below include a minimum 30-day money-back guarantee so don’t feel pressured into sticking with one if you’re not happy with the speeds.  

So which VPN is the best for Valorant? 

  • Compatibility with Xbox One, PS3, 4 and 5  
  • Connect up to 5 devices on one account  
  • Custom protocol ‘Lightway’ for seamless gaming 
  • Smart DNS Proxy service (MediaStreamer 
  • OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC, IKEV2 support 
  • Best-in-class browser extension support 
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments  
  • 24/7 live chat customer service 
  • Confirmed no-log policy 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

We covered the extent of ExpressVPNs gaming credentials in our Gaming VPN guide and it’s no different with Valorant. With excellent server locations and advanced protocols like their very own ‘Lightway’ which delivers incredible speeds that are perfect for gaming and streaming.  

With over 94 countries available, you won’t find a better VPN to join your friends playing around the world without compromising on speed.  

With a number of advanced features that pair excellently with gaming, notably their MediaStreamer service which allows you to use your VPN connection on any gaming console that connects to WIFI.  

Not limited to gaming, ExpressVPN excels at unblocking geo-restricted from around the world and makes quick work of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney +, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  

With a host of other killer features like a best-in-class browser extension, advanced protocols including their own Lightway, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better all-round VPN for gaming. 

All of this also includes DDoS protection in the form of military-grade encryption levels and advanced security protocols to give you peace of mind.  

ExpressVPN is on the expensive side which is why the next two options are more budget alternatives that perform excellently.  

  • Offers over 5,385 servers and 59 countries 
  • Fantastic speeds for gaming 
  • NordLynx
  • Built-in kill switch  
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments 
  • 24/7 live chat customer service 
  • Connect up to 6 devices 
  • Confirmed no-log policy 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

NordVPN is another fantastic option for playing Valorant online. 

Firstly, the vast number of servers (5,500 and counting) and countries (59+) mean you should at least have one close-by from wherever you are in the world.  This means that your speeds and connection will either marginally drop or actually increase as we’ve seen from our case studies. And it also means that if you’re playing with friends in countries such as India and China, you’ll be able to join one of the many servers close to them without issue.  

built-in kill switch is always a great feature to have which is also included with NordVPN which blocks your device from accessing the web if your connection drops. If you’re worried about this when you’re in the middle of game, you can always disable it fully or specify which applications should be blocked in case your connection cuts out.  

Outside of gaming you get everything else you need with a premium VPN including consistent unblocking of all streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and, Hulu. Advanced features are plentiful as well with VPN over Tor. DNS-based malware protection, Smart DNS and much more.  

You also get unlimited bandwidth which means you can stream, game, and do whatever else you want for as long as you want.  

NordVPNs live chat system is always available 24/7 if you ever need assistance and their blog / knowledge-centre is fantastic as well for the more in-depth queries you may have.  

You also have the option to pay via Bitcoin which we’d like to see more providers offer, and you also get a 30-day moneyback guarantee. if the service you’re getting doesn’t fit the bill or you don’t need it anymore, you can always get your money back.   

surfshark devices
  • Offers over 6,200 servers and 50 countries 
  • Fantastic speeds for gaming and gambling 
  • No-Spy servers for hiding VPN traffic 
  • Built-in kill switch  
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments  
  • 24/7 live chat customer service 
  • Connect up to 7 devices 
  • Confirmed no-log policy 
  • 45-day money-back guarantee 

Like NordVPN and ExpressVPNSufshark has shown great and consistent speeds ideal for Valorant but coming in at a much more affordable price. 

However, with their lower price comes fewer servers with only 3,200 available in around 63 countries. 

Although less than NordVPN, Surfshark still manages to have an excellent spread of locations around the globe. You can check via their website where the servers are in relation to your location to avoid any server black spots. 

You don’t get DDoS-specific protection but Surfshark’s advanced encryption still manages to perform admirably in the face of such attacks.  

If you’re on a budget and need a server in one of 63 countries available, you can’t do better for this price. 


Can I use a free VPN?

We touched on free VPNs earlier and in a perfect world, we’d love to recommend a provider that has great speeds and unlimited data. Unfortunately, there just isn’t one on the market that is trustworthy, especially when money is involved, that can do both.  

ProtonVPN, our number 1 free VPN, has unlimited bandwidth but the servers are limited to the Netherlands, Japan, and the US. Both the Netherlands and the US are out of the question as they aren’t compatible with Roobet 

It’s a similar story with TunnelBear and although the speeds are better on their free version, the 500MB data cap simply detracts from gambling when you know you’ve only got a certain amount of data to play with. Imagine having an ace and a king on a high wager and your connection cutting out?  

If we find a solution that involves a free plan, unlimited data, and great speeds then we’ll be the first to update our list. 

Will a VPN increase ping times?

When playing Valorant in a different region, your ping could fluctuate considerably, depending on how far you are away from that server and what type of VPN you use. Taking into account a number of additional factors from internet speeds, location to server, and time of day, ping times can be notoriously difficult to predict when using a VPN.  

For most people, this will likely cause your internet connection to slow down marginally, and will usually cause ping times to increase.   

Utilising the correct VPN however, helps alleviate increased ping times by connecting to a VPN server that is closest. This is why we recommend trying a number of servers to see which is measuring the best speeds for you.  


Can I use a VPN to play Valorant on an iPhone / Android?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier, with the new mobile version of Valorant coming soon, each of the above VPNs has excellent mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices.  

Will a VPN work anywhere?

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in India, the Philippines, Germany, or anywhere in between, one of the VPNs we recommend above will work perfectly.  

Is a VPN against Valorants terms of service?

No! We’ve poured over the TOS for both Riot Games and Valorant and there is no mention of using a VPN to change servers.  This doesn’t mean that this won’t change in the future so always exercise caution when using a VPN with Valorant.