Dedicated IP VPN – What are your best options? (2020)

dedicated ip vpn

We briefly covered dedicated IP addresses in our Amazon Prime detects VPN guide and showed that it’s a good option if you want to circumnavigate any Amazon Prime or Netflix geo-blocks.  

Today, we’ll dive into how exactly they can help, how they work, which are your best options, and much more. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is a dedicated IP?

When you sign up with an Internet Service Provider you will typically be given either a static IP address or a dynamic IP address. The difference between the two being a static IP does not change and a dynamic IP can change. Both of these can be used by multiple parties and aren’t exclusive to you.  

A dedicated IP address however is a unique IP address that is assigned exclusively to you by either a VPN of your choice but is also available through your hosting provider. This means that you will be the only one accessing the particular IP address at any given time.  

Think of a static IP address as a house that anyone can enter, a dynamic IP as a caravan or trailer, and a dedicated IP address as a locked room in which only you have the key to enter. 

Do I need a dedicated IP for VPN?

There are a number of ways a dedicated IP can improve your security online and overall browsing experience but they aren’t without their drawbacks. 

Let’s look at the benefits first.  


Imagine owning your own private island… Well, maybe not that extravagant but with a dedicated IP you are afforded your own little slice of the internet which can both improve how you interact with websites and how websites interact with you.  

Sometimes, these can be simple things like avoiding multiple CAPTCHAs from the same website to more beneficial things like avoiding VPN blocks which is one of the main reasons many of us choose to use a dedicated IP.  

The benefits aren’t limited to VPN use either.  

dedicated ip benefits

VPN Usage

As we mentioned earlier, using a dedicated IP has shown to work in order to get around the geo-blocks that the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime used to stop unauthorised viewing of country-specific content.  

This is because with a dedicated IP you aren’t tarnished with same group as users who are accessing the same shared IP. So, when platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are on the lookout for those abusing the system, all it takes is for multiple people to be using the same IP address for them to spot VPN usage. It’s then easy for them to simply block that IP address from accessing any geo-blocked content.

Media companies are always trying to limit their viewers to only watch what they allow in each country. VPNs are always fighting back and some have shown great consistency in how often they can reliably beat the geo-blocks but no VPN is foolproof.  

A dedicated IP however, can almost always ensure that you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to (let’s face it) US content so you can enjoy the American Office, or whatever it is that’s available… I wouldn’t know.  

Email spam

A dedicated IP can also help improve the likelihood an email you send will reach the designated recipient. A shared IP can be used by someone who sends a large number of emails that get classified as spam. 

This, in turn, will also affect the emails that you send. By using a dedicated IP you can get around this issue entirely. Unless you send a lot of spam mails yourself… Don’t be that guy. 


While the benefits are significant, there are downsides to everything.  


We are used to seeing servers across the world allowing us access to nearby servers wherever we might be. If you invest in a dedicated VPN then your options become somewhat limited.  

Available locations are usually restricted to the usual western countries including the US, Canada, UK, and European countries such as France, Germany, and The Netherlands. No single VPN covers a vast network of locations but always check beforehand to make sure whichever VPN you choose will be available in your country.  


For many of us, money is always an issue at some point and if you’re already paying for a VPN then you don’t really want to have to pay for an additional private IP.  

Luckily, they shouldn’t break the bank and providers like NordVPN currently offer a dedicated IP for £53.90 per year which works out at just over £4 extra per year.  

The cheapest we could find would be Ivacy which is £3.09 per month which we also recently reviewed.  

Some VPNs offer a dedicated IP at no extra charge to your normal subscription. 

Now we’ve covered the benefits and drawbacks so you know exactly what you need to know. 

If you still need a dedicated IP, you’ll find the best options available today. 

We’ll go over a free option, a cheap option and a premium option. 

Here are your best options for dedicated IP VPNs

The Free Version

It's Free!

No really, it's free! As one of the premium providers, it's impressive to see Surfshark offer a free dedicated IP.

Great security

It would be pointless investing in Surshark and obtaining a dedicated IP but they come with industry-standard 256-bit encryption as standard as well as a host of other security features.

5 available countries

With IPs available in Germany, the US, the UK, Japan, and Singapore, Surfshark cover a large percentage but we'd always like to see more options available.

Super Speeds

We tested Surfsharks speeds across a number of weeks and found their standard VPN speeds (which are fantastic already) translate over to their dedicated IP option.

The Cheap Version

It's Very Cheap

It's not free but it's as close as can be coming in at £3.09 per month on top of your subscription.

Solid security

Industry-standard 256-bit encryption is guaranteed to keep you safe and secure.

7 Available Countries

With more countries available than Surfshark, Ivacy covers the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Fantastic Customer Service

As we covered in our full Ivacy review, their customer service is second to none so you know you can rely on them if anything goes wrong.

The Premium Version

It's Fairly Priced

A premium VPN at a reasonable price. With prices starting at £4.49 per month for a dedicated IP on top of your subscription.

Fantastic security

Again, Industry-standard 256-bit encryption is guaranteed and with an audited no-logging policy.

Works Consistently

Over the years, NordVPN has shown time and time again that it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer which is why their dedicated IP is to be trusted.

Both IP addresses

NordVPN offers choices for both static addresses and private dedicated IP addresses.